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Nova Scotia , Canada – October 2012

One morning, David Kettle finds a woman unconscious in the snow in his garden. She is rushed to the hospital in a coma, as he struggles to figure out why she was there and whether he knows her — something he must do quickly, as time is running out and evidence is mounting up against him.

Can David prove he is innocent before his life is shattered?

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‘the whodunit you will not solve’
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Detective Inspector Kit Colley knew that one day there would be a case that would change his life.

When a woman dies under suspicious circumstances, he meets Pattie and her partner, Mak, a middle-aged rock musician, plagued by debt and reduced to working as a DJ in the local bingo club. Then the accidents start to happen!

Introducing Kit Colley in the first of a new series of detective mysteries. Love him or hate him, he is not like all the rest!